Grinding Services

Trailer load delivery of hay and straw is the main focus of our business and has been for the past 15 years. If you need any type of hay and straw, call us and we will provide you with our best price and delivered service.

Grinding Services

Grinding Services

As far as grinding services go, we are still working on establishing specific days for each area. Our plan is to service Western NY, The Fingerlakes Region, Central and Northern NY, Eastern NY and Vermont each on a separate day. While we are still figuring out this schedule based on where we establish customers, we can grind for you when you need us. Just call and talk about when works best for you. Hay delivery is available anywhere in the Northeast.

Grinding Service:


The grinder is equipped with a 25' stacking belt so we can grind directly in to a barn, bunk or pile neatly with much less loss compared to grinders that blow the hay out. It is also equipped with a grapple to self-load the tub, so all you need to do is have the hay or straw bales close enough to the grinder for us to grab. If you want strings off, it's not a problem. Our grapple can pick loose bales, and we can de-string them for you.

We travel with three sets of screens to grind different lengths. The machine has the ability to grind any type of hay, straw, corn/soybean fodder, bailage (wet bales) and dry or high-moisture corn (we can grind corn to flour/900 microns). Our grapple boom is equipped with an electronic scale and printer that is very accurate, so as we feed the bales in to the tub, we will give you a printed running tally of the weight processed.

If you are interested in trying this service, we will be happy to come and do a 5-ton free demo grind for you. If you like what we are doing, we can continue to grind whatever amount you want. If not, the first 5 tons are free


To custom grind, we charge $15 per ton/minimum 20 ton per stop. Rate goes down to $12 per ton if we grind more than 50 ton per stop, and corn grinding may be less depending on the tonnage.

Ground Hay/Straw:

Delivered on Walking Floor

For customers who purchase hay or straw, we deliver it to you already ground up on our 150-yard walking floor trailer. The advantages of buying hay/straw like this is that we can eliminate several weekly tasks related to hay purchasing/grinding as well as free up storage space.

When buying the product already ground up, you also eliminate grinding losses, which can be 5-10% of the weight of what you purchased in bale form. The types of hay that we offer for delivery are listed below.

  • Fiber Mix Hay - late cut Timothy grass mix hay
  • Wheat Straw - clean feed grade straw
  • Low potassium hay mix - mixed grass with more palatability and softer than our fiber hay.
  • Protein mix - highly palatable alfalfa grass mix 2nd and 3rd cut hay in the 15-19% protein range.
  • Western Alfalfa - premium alfalfa 180+ test hay.
  • Bedding Mix - late cut clean hay or fodder ground up. $15 per yard


All hay/straw is priced by the ton except bedding hay, depending on the customer's location for delivered price. Tell us what your desired length is and we will grind specific to your needs. We will also provide tests on batches of hay.

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